My favourite products

Hi everybody!
Today i am going to show you my favoutite beautyproducts :)
I use these products a lot and i recommend them for 100%
Maybe if you don't live in Europe, you can't buy a few of these products like essence products. I usually don't buy so often really expensive stuff so i mean in general that product. (i hope you get what i am saying :)

 NIVEA soft , this is a light version of the thick heavy cream from nivea. I use this cream mostly for my face and it absorbs quikly into your skin. I just love this cream ! It smells nice, I can use it for everything and it doesn't feel sticky on my skin. Price: 75 ml €2.90, 200 ml €2.80,300 ml €5.95 

Lipsmackers are one of my favourite lipbalms, i love the smell :) It jus makes me want to lick my lips constanetly. I have a few lipbalms and glosses that smell like strawberry so these lipbalms are just a bit different than usual lipbalms :)
I see different prices in the stores and on the internet but they cost about €2 , it alsways dipents on witch one you buy.

This eyeliner is just great! I think it is a really good liquid eyeliner because it stays long on you skin, and it is a really dark intense colour,it dries pretty fast. I hear a lot of people saying they try more expensive liquid eyeliners , but still think this one is the best. Price: i think it costs €2.39

O.P.I Nailpolish Opi nailspolishes have a really nice color and they stay a really long time on your nails.The brush is also really good and nice to work with, it has no sticking out hairs or something. I think the price is a bit high but what you get for it , it is to do i think.
Price: just a usual color , not limited edition or whatsoever € 14.95

Rosebud Salve. This is a really good salve i use is mostly for my lips but you can use for what ever you want. You can you it on dry skin, if you have fizzy hair, for your eyebrows or dry hands, just  for whatever you want.This is the original version but there are also other versions like mint,strawberry and brambleberry.
Price:€10 but if you buy it from the usa on sephora , it is about €6

Essence nail art express dry drops. This is a kind of oil and when you have polished your nails you just apply one drop of this and your nails are dry in like 30 seconds. I always use this and i just cant without , i love it! It is really simple to use and your nails are just so quick dry. Price: €2,00

So these are my favourite products , i hope you like my post :)
Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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  1. hehe, those lipbalms are so cool! I had one with the coca cola! :)

  2. Die druppels heb ik ook gekocht, haha, ze werken best goed! xxx

  3. Jah ? :)
    ah ik kan echt niet zonder xD