DIY: Chan Luu wrapped bracelet

Hi everybody so i i saw this cool DIY on its a dutch site so for those who dont know about nsmbl and can't speak dutch , here is it on my blog for you :)

I Hope you enjoyed!


Movie moments

so i decided to make a post with some pictures from movies with the text ,some are funny some cute, painfull or nice but i like this sort of pictures a lot and i wanted to share them with ya all! so enjoy! :)

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Kiko cosmetics

Hi every body!
so the other day a friend of my parents went to Italy and she brought some presents for us.
Here are 2 picture + discription:

She got me a beautiful nail polish with a shimmery effect, its a polish for french manicure so it is a transparant polish with the cutest sparkles.
the golden package is fulll of cleansing wipes, this is what it says:
cleansing and refreshing wipes with salt-dissolving action
it is prety usefull beacause i live like right next to the sea , but as we know now it is auttumn so i wont go swimming so often (never!) haha

and this is a link to their site :

(sorry i didn't make a nailsswatch or something, but i make now photos with my phone , i am waiting for my nikon :( )

have a nice day!
i hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment and tell me what u think :D


Old Fashioned

These are some pictures of hihg school fashion from 1969. By Arthur Shatz for Life Magazine.

Glee: The concert movie

Today I went to glee the concert movie, it was really nice.My two friends and i went right after school to the cinema and there were like 2 guys watching ,so we were the only ones watching xD.
They sing songs and then you see some backstage stuff and beside that, teenagers describe how glee made a big change in their life. I think its very emotional to see how glee has had an impact on their life.


american flag nails

I made this cute nail pattern with the american flag on it
this is how i did it ;
1. apply some base coat on your nails (u dont have to but your nails wont get yellow, some laquers do make your nails yellow)
2. make your nails white
3. make 2 vertical stripes on your nails
4. make 1 thick blue horizontal stripe on your nails
5. make like little random stars on the blue stripe
6. apply topcoat for the shiny effect and the coulers will stay longer on your nails


friends for ever

My friend and I made this picture, we made it in school the background is a blackboard , we wrote some math on it lol

for the first time :)

hi everybody,
I am a 14 year old girl , i'm trying to make the best of everything.
I actually made a "blog" like 2 years ago , and i just made it and never posted anything .
But now i am going to it kinda different xD
So i hope you will enjoy !