Look at the weather

Hi everybody!

It is these days weird enough getting colder and colder, but I like to make picture's outside so thats too bad!
So here is another look , hope you like it.


DIY: bow ring

Hi everybody!

Yesterday i was just reading some blogs and stuff and i saw this supercute diy.
I made one myself and i wanted to share this video with you.
This is the one that i made :)


Taste the rainbow

Today i made some photo's with friends. Tomorrow we don't have school, so this was a perfect day to shoot some. So here are the picture's enjoy!


Top 3 online shopping

Hi everybody!

Today I am going to form a top 3 best adresses for online shopping (ofcourse this is just my opinion).



Hi Guys!

So it has been a long long time since i've posted something on my blog.
I hope i will have much more time to write!

I have wrote an article for a newspaper about trends for this winter.
here is a link :)

PS. if you have any requets for me to write about , just let me know!