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Hi everybody!
Today i am going to tell a few things about how long you can keep using your beauty products after opening them. If you use a product when it is over it's use- by date , you can get infections, skinirritations, redness etc. So if you have products that you haven't used for months, i would suggest you to throw them away.
The best way to keep your stash by date is to have twice a year a big cleaning, once after summer and once in spring.

Lipstick: after you have opened it you can use it for a year.
Lipliner: after opening 2 years.
A lot of girls/women keep a lipstick in the car, this is very bad for the product because of the temperature changes.I suggest you to sharpen your lipliner time by time.

Selftanner: after opening 6 months
Sunmilk: after opening one year, the protection is by then lost.
Aftersun: after opening one year
Sunmilk and aftersun aren't really different than usual bodylotion, they only have the protection. So after that you can use it like a standard lotion.After two years you should defenetly throw any kid of lotions away.

Eyeshadow:after opening one year
Mascara: after opening 3 till 6 months
(Liquid) Eyeliner:after opening 3 till 6 months
Eyecream: after opening 6 months
It is very important to keep your eyeproducts clean because it will get to your eye and if it isn't clean you can get an infection and you surtenly don't want that!
I saw a few times girls saying when your mascara dries you should put some water in it. This is soooo wrong because if you add water to it the mascara will be full with bacteria so do not add water or anything else to it! It is smart to sharpen time by time your eyeliner , if you do this you will get the germs off your eyeliner.
Also you can make your mascarabrush clean and the top so there wont be an incubator for germs.

I hope you liked it! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think :)
If you have any question, ask me :)

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