Top 3 online shopping

Hi everybody!

Today I am going to form a top 3 best adresses for online shopping (ofcourse this is just my opinion).

1. Monki
Monki has amazing clothes,its not really expensive and they have now a huge sale.
On their site you can see where the ship to. The shipping is about €6 , so i find that quite a lot.They always make videos with fashion bloggers and they have a magazine. I love to visit their site!

2. H&M
H&M has a lot clothes on their site and a big variety. If you dont like your item you can always return it and get your money back. You can sent it back or bring it to the shop , if you bring it back to shop you get a card. The only this is (probably with every site) that when i get my order the item looks not as good as they show it on the site , so keep that in mind.The shipping costs € 4,90.

3. Romwe
Romwe has really nice stuff, they aren't the cheapest but i think it is good quality clothes.
They ship over almost the whole world and the shipping is free for a lot of countries.
If you don't have much money to spend you can always go there for inspiration :)

I hope you liked this post!
xoxo Lovez

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