H&M Mini Nailpolis ; "SUMMER NAILS"

Hi everybody!
I went to H&M with my friend and i was really curious if they had those sets with 4 little polishes.
I was so happy because they did have it! They only had the set from summer left , but it was only € 1,00.
So ofcourse i bought it and i thought it would be nice to make some swatches.

Metallic Blue isn't a polish that covers so well.I think it would be very pretty over a blue polish, Just to get that extra glittery effect.

This polish is just called purple, the rest of them have also just the name of the colour; yellow and pink.
I've put 2 layers on my nails , it covers quite good and it is just are really nice simple purple colour.

I've put two layers of the polish.This yellow is really bright, it is a pastel colour.

The pink polish has a bit of shimmer in it. I've put again two layers because it (with every polish) doesn't cover  optimal with one layer.

I hope you enjoyed!
Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

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