Kiko cosmetics

Hi every body!
so the other day a friend of my parents went to Italy and she brought some presents for us.
Here are 2 picture + discription:

She got me a beautiful nail polish with a shimmery effect, its a polish for french manicure so it is a transparant polish with the cutest sparkles.
the golden package is fulll of cleansing wipes, this is what it says:
cleansing and refreshing wipes with salt-dissolving action
it is prety usefull beacause i live like right next to the sea , but as we know now it is auttumn so i wont go swimming so often (never!) haha

and this is a link to their site :

(sorry i didn't make a nailsswatch or something, but i make now photos with my phone , i am waiting for my nikon :( )

have a nice day!
i hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment and tell me what u think :D

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  2. thank you so much i appreciate that a lot ! :D

  3. Hey something is up with my account because when I went on your blog again it said that I was not your follower so I am so sorry about that! I definitely am :D keep on posting! love it !

  4. HI! uhm well that strange beacause i can see your following me :D so dont worry :) thanks for that!